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Melchizedek, The order of the Bluish Flower and the Magdalene Origin

Melchizedek, The order of the Bluish Flower and the Magdalene Origin

Brand new Solar Lord Melchizedek is just one exactly who manages the latest Christed trend of white -because the invention trend

Since i have began my personal journey on the Acquisition of Melchizedek, The new Magdalene, together with Flower Cardiovascular system Ancestry of one’s Divine Mommy, I have had unlimited concerns, while the I know each of you has as well. Some time ago I did a talk to the sources of your own mystery schools, I felt it would provide me personally the opportunity to search and you may understand more info on the connections involving the secret schools of your own Deity lessons and puzzle colleges out-of ancient Egypt and Greece and their link with The transaction off Melchizedek. I happened to be able to patch together a better understanding of the fresh history of this new puzzle universities, however, there remained issues for my situation, issues of your own much more ancient history and sources of these lessons, therefore after months and you will days from composing and you may comparing, We seated in the quiet and you can asked all the questions I nevertheless got in my own center and this is the clear answer I obtained regarding the Brotherhood from White.

He’s got named ahead an exceptional band of cutting-edge beings to help you services your inside performs, Avatars as you perform learn them, ascended entirely. However establish brand new temple build in your body and you may brand new schedules off air that introduce the new options regarding white human body. Because this forehead is established in the human body the whole process of ascension was completely knew in the real mode.

He’s begun this new work abreast of this new earthly simple, the Christ design out of white could be totally emblazoned towards the the fresh hearts regarding humankind

Inside the eons earlier extensions of your own performs of the Melchizedek Buy was in fact placed in the earth, temples that would resurrect the light muscles regarding old. One such expansion will be The Magdalene Acquisition-The order of your Blue Flower. It actually was founded to help with this improvement mankind due to the hole and you will attenuation of the heart powers.

The blue rose try symbolic of the new state-of-the-art knowledge of the brand new center powers. The transaction of the Bluish Rose is the one eg subset of the brand new Melchizedek teachings you to definitely aids in the latest waking regarding humankind through this new theories of the cardiovascular system. The brand new Magdalene Buy is an ancient passage through of the feminine similar of the Christ structure and aligns towards instruction of your own Christed framework. I rekindled you to definitely flame, long-past known regarding the times of Lemuria and you will Atlantis when I first started the latest establishments in the world about months one followed this new floods away from Atlantis. I set through to the center out of mankind a blue Flower Acquisition, added by the Magdalene ancestry. It actually was an enigmatic area known only to the who carry out discovered these types of theories of your own heart and you will have been worthwhile to help you carry the fresh light out-of redemption. A rose providers therefore that says its sources about globe Venus, the homes of one’s bluish beam light and you will center opening suggests.

The latest bluish rose became strong upon new flatlands out of Venus, even in the event over time those of a lesser skill who sought for maybe not the methods out of realities selected a route regarding dark that infiltrated and was the cause of demise of your Venusian planet. I was a leader one of people at that set and you may area date. Of many temples to your Venusian Queen off Heaven, this new Aphrodite one to, were mainly based right here. New temples there glowed with a keen indigo blue colour, it aligned people who needed entrances towards higher areas and you will complex training and you can skills.

I arrived by this Venusian superstar-door and you citas en línea mexicanas can landed on earthly flatlands to aid rigor and power into subhuman variations who had been inside their infancy during the the newest eons of energy past. I offered my personal hands to each and every and you can depending centers regarding studying right here the training and you may expertise imparted regarding temples of that i had been can be common once again using this type of newly molded community out of mankind. These centers were open to all who does look for the newest cutting-edge different light, they consisted of in this her or him much knowledge, directed thanks to thought variations additionally the starting of one’s third attention. The indigo blue white ran good on these temples. I began the fresh new work at the earth your understanding from humankind will get wake up completely towards Christed form and get full knowledge of the real and you can divine mode.

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