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Board Room Technology Trends

Technology in the boardroom is crucial for the success of a company, as it allows team members to communicate in a manner that closely resembles a meeting in person. It also helps to overcome the issues related to remote or hybrid working by increasing productivity and collaboration.

Modern conference room technology incorporates an interactive whiteboard, which allows participants to write on documents and draw on images while video calling. It can also include an electronic projection system that can display presentations. These devices come with a variety of features that can help improve the efficiency of meetings. For example, the Samsung Flip is an interactive flat panel device that can be connected via USB or wirelessly, and is equipped with data encryption to prevent unauthorized access. The Cisco Spark Board is a different device that can be used to brainstorm sessions and discussions with others, in addition to providing a live display of the meeting’s analytics on the screen.

Other conference room tech trends include acoustic solutions such as noise cancellation or sound masking that can help keep conversations and meetings private and minimize distractions from background noise. This kind of technology is particularly beneficial for companies that conduct numerous virtual meetings.

Wireless presentation systems also enhance the productivity of conference rooms. Participants can sync their devices directly to the main television or projector without cables or adapters. A scheduling program like Joan can help eliminate overbooked and squatter meetings by streamlining the booking process.

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